Can you be an extreme Cheapskate in the UK?

Many people wonder whether its possible to be an extreme Cheapstake in the UK? Well yes it is, it is possible to be sensible, frugal and always look for the best savings anywhere you live in the UK.

The concept of extreme cheapskate is an American concept, from the TLC reality show ‘Extreme Cheapskaters’, but it is possible to be an extreme cheapskate, or just a cheapskate anywhere you are in the world!

What is a cheapskate?

The definition of a cheap skate is someone who is stingey, and often associated with buying cheap.

You can’t have everything you want! Yes thats right. according to Dave Chilton, from the Canadian book ‘the Wealthy Barber’ he says that making small cuts in our spending habits can lead to dramatic results — without sacrificing our quality of life. The key is to indulge in the areas that are important to us — whether it’s travel, a particular sport or fine wine — and cut our spending everywhere else.



Save money with a prepaid card

There are many ways to save with a pre-paid card. Pre-paid cards are like a debit card, in so far as you can only spend any money that you have put on it. Its is impossible to get into debt by using a pre-paid card, as the card issuer will decline the payments.

1. Save money and help yourself budget by using a pre-paid card. For example, if you normally spend £100 a week on shopping, then load this amount each week on it. Then you can only spend this amount each week. Please note that Aldi and Lidl do not currently accept pre-paid cards.

2. If you are travelling abroad, then pre-paid cards are easy and safe to take money abroad. It is also very easy to send money to family and friends in the UK and abroad.

Ways to save on your weekly shopping bill

There are many ways for cheapskates to save on their weekly shopping bill.

1. Go to the supermarkets a few hours before they close. This way you can get reductions on goods that are close to their use by date. This means that you can get food for 80% off, and then either consume within a day or 2, or freeze for future use.

2. Get food for free. Yes in the Cheapskates programme on TLC, people were getting food out of the bins that the supermarkets have thrown away. Obviously this will work with smaller stores, as you will not be able to get into the yards of the big supermarkets. Depending on whether you think this is a good idea, then this could be an option.

3. Compare supermarket prices before you leave the house. All supermarkets have weekly promotions, and you can easily save 50% of your weekly grocery bill by choosing the cheapest supermarket to but your desired product. Take a look at the supermarket comparison site below to get started.

Extreme Cheap Skates

Extreme Cheap Skates

Extreme cheap skate on everything and spend your money on the important or fun things in your life. When you hear cheap skate you think of stingy person but i think that can be redefined to clever person who only spends their money on things that they like and try and save on everything else.

Save money on everything, including household bills, entertainment, food, every bill, water bill, travel and more. Never pay full price for anything. save save save.